Ninja Blender 450 Watt/Food Processor Review: Enjoy Eating Healthy

A great way to enjoy eating healthy is by being creative while you are planning your meals. What better way than to be able to take your fresh fruit and or vegetables and create a smoothie to YOUR taste. You can add in any of your favorite supplements as well. You can add in your favorite greens smoothie powder, protein powder, or any of your super food additives. Let’s look at a very economic blender that is perfect for anyone who is on the fence when it comes to creating their own formula

Greatest Value Blender for under $100.00 Today

The Ninja Blender/ Food ProcessorThis compact blender has a 450 watt base and it comes with 3 different blender choices: a 48 oz pitcher for blending large smoothies/shakes/frozen fruit, a 40 oz. bowl for food processing or meal preparation, and a 16 oz. chopping bowl to mince, chop, blend, or puree any of your fresh ingredients. This one does it all, and is easy to disassemble for cleaning. https://amzn.to/2OFvZoe

My Ninja 450 Watt Experience

I have had several blenders/ juicers throughout my 30 year journey to create a smoothie/drink/shake, you pick the name. I have searched for a machine to blend fruits mainly, but sometimes vegetables, with 2 pieces of criteria to meet. The 1st part was a blender easy to disassemble and reassemble and to store. My 2nd criteria was a blender that would be easy to clean. Every blender I have owned would blend about the same, however, they all had difficult areas to reach, or were not recommended “dishwasher safe”. The Ninja Blender solves both of the problems I had with the other blenders. You will also find the Ninja Blender is the most economical by FAR! . I want to be sure to point out that the Ninja Blender is not a “juicer”, and is not priced as one, nor is rated against one. Just add a small amount of water or a few ice cubes to make your smoothie or shake smoother. I love being creative with my Ninja. The combinations are endless. I make a green smoothie with keto powder, unsweetened yogurt, avocado, chia seeds, leafy greens (not always the same kind). I mix up the type of greens (can’t do kale all the time) to keep the carbs low and try different tastes. In an effort to make this process easier, i usually go to my favorite, a protein shake. I start with 100% whey (vanilla), because that works with just about anything you can dream up: fruits, yogurt, chocolate, ice cream etc. This process is very easy to create, with easy clean up.

Recipe for Smoothie without Yogurt

If you don’t like yogurt, and yogurt doesn’t like you, here’s a quick recipe to enjoy. I searched for a smoothie mixture that would taste great, would be easy to mix, and is healthy. After reviewing recipes online, some with yogurt (I would omit the yogurt listed in their recipe) and some without, here is what I make about 2 times a week. * 6-8 strawberries. *1 banana, cut into pieces. *1 cup low-fat milk *1 tbsp. Peanut butter ( have substituted almond butter as well ) . * Your favorite protein powder ( whey, keto, etc.) * Ice, add 4 to 6 cubes

    Maintenance and long term care

    Your new Ninja has a 1-year warranty, and you can add a 3 or 4 year warranty for a small cost. Ninja also has a parts program to ensure availability of new bowls or lids should you have the need. There are a few reviews out there with reference to the bowls cracking or the lids breaking. I have not had a trouble what so ever. The lid and bowl have an arrow on them for ensuring a tight fit. I believe having the arrows out of alignment during assembly could cause breakage, so just be careful to align the arrows.


    You can easily purchase a Ninja 450 Watt Blender by clicking the link below and it will be delivered right to your door. Please send me your comments, good or bad, about your new Ninja.


    I want to thank you for stopping by!

    Mark S

    Mark Morlock

    Mark S.


    1. I just copied your yoghurt  recipe out as am going to practice it as soon I go to the store. Now have been having issues with getting the right blender that won’t give me headache when am in the kitchen. My major problem is that the blade of some blenders are so bad that after using them in couple of time ,they start malfunctioning.

      i used my blender to blend a seed and ever since then ,my blender stop grinding my vegetables well.Kindly please notify if this blender can work perfectly fine?

      • Good afternoon,

        I use this model for my shakes and smoothies, and have had zero trouble. I do blend chia seeds, as well as sometimes I put a small amount of walnuts in for real protein. I get the walnuts at Walmart, and they are already shelled and are in smaller pieces. I have had no trouble, and I believe its because of the way the blades on the Ninja 450 are made. When you get ready to purchase the new one, I would use it frequently in the beginning, in order to see the results. In the event it should damage the blades there is a 1 year warranty. Contact me any time. Thanks for the inquiry, and I wish you well.

        Mark S

    2. Thanks for this wonderful review, I have always wonder which blender is the best to buy when it comes to blending fruits and vegetables. I guess the Watford processor will be a good blender because of it easy way to assemble and disassemble I really need to get one for my mum.

      • Good afternoon Musbau,

        I agree with you concerning disassembly, cleaning, and reassembling the equipment. That factor decides how often it gets used, and changes your eating habits. Click the link in my post and it will take you to a page with lots of choices. There is also good information and pictures of them all. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks for your input and I wish you well.

        Mark S

    3. This thing was pretty awesome.

       I used it to make smoothies, pesto, peanut butter – and I probably used it every other day.

       I had the motor sitting on a shelf plugged in so that I could whip out one of the canisters and use it easy peasy, 

      but today as I was making pesto less than two months after I bought it) the motor died. I was flabbergasted. This thing is awesome, but it died so quickly

      • Hello Mustapha,

        I am sorry to hear you have had a problem with your Ninja. You should be able to get it replaced or repaired, since it is early in your ownership period. Should you have trouble with the merchant you bought it from, call or email Ninja. Ninja wants satisfied customers. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks for your input and I wish you well.

        Mark S

    4. What an interesting product, well built with a warranty. I will suggest the company should improve the quality of the products. Can one use it to blend other foods like beans, Well its a good product with a good setup, since its easy to use and easy to clean up, I think I recommend Ninja Blender for every household.

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