How to Lose Weight With Coffee

Coffee Drinker ? Want to lose weight? Read on !!

Good day everyone, I have a few questions for everybody, and please answer as honestly as possible. Are you a coffee drinker? Are you sluggish in the morning? Would you like to lose weight? Are you looking for a simple solution to those second 2 questions?

I have the solution right here, and you don’t have to change anything except the brand of coffee you drink. The most difficult part of losing weight, is changing your habits. When you start a diet, the 1st thing you have to do is change what you eat and how much. That’s 2 habits to change, and if you don’t make it to 45 days or 60 days, or however many it takes for your body to create a new habit, you wasted time and money with NO results.

I urge you to change you brand of coffee! I am not suggesting you try to change anything else. Just change you brand of coffee, your morning habits stay the same, and you will lose the weight. Valentus is the answer to both problems. I changed 45 days ago and I am absolutely a different person now. Go Valentus!

Fantastic Taste

It’s no secret that losing weight is no easy task, which is why Millions of people struggle with it every day. We want to make it a lot easier, that’s why we created SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee, which is designed to take your weight management to the next level!

SlimROAST Optimum Neurological system for Optimum Performance cannot be accomplished with a single nutrient, it requires a “stack” (or group) of several independently performing nutrients working together.

Formulated with natural appetite suppressants, fell good ingredients and detox components. SlimROAST Optimum is the perfect addition to your weight loss management program!

Not only will you find managing your weight with SlimROAST Optimum will produce exciting results, but you will love the taste of this delicious Dark Roast Coffee!

  • Nourish your body to support weight loss§
  • Helps support appetite and satisfy cravings§
  • Slim Roast Optimum30 servings per container

  • A logical Solution to Weight Management§
  • Fantastic Taste

This product has ZERO daily value of Carbs and 1 gram of sugar!!

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By creating two synergistic formulas (AM & PM), we have maximized the body’s potential to burn fat and lose weight at optimal times during the 24 hour cycle. The revolutionary Prevail 24/7 Carb Burner Formula not only aids sleep to support weight loss but also supports a healthy metabolism on fat loss during sleep.




Dr. Ahrens is a two time Nobel Prize nominee specializing in plant and animal physiology, currently renowned for his break through work in metabolic sciences. Dr. Ahrens has been involved in technically-oriented agribusiness and entrepreneurial projects for over 30 years. He is co-founder and general partner in ATM Metabolics, a start up entrepreneurial firm developing natural drugs based on phytochemical platforms.

  • Source of Antioxidants
  • Helps (temporarily) to promote alertness and wakefulness, and to enhance cognitive performance
  • Helps (temporarily) to relieve fatigue, to promote endurance, and to enhance motor performance
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Helps support cardiovascular health
  • Helps (temporarily) to enhance (physical) energy
  • Aids in the prevention of carbs entering the body, which could otherwise form into new body fat
  • Provides nutritional support for your metabolism in order to burn up carbs that are already floating around in your body
  • Supports fat loss and formation
  • Supports a healthy appetite – reduces cravings for all food and reduces appetite ‘satiety’
  • Supports mental alertness during the day

Dr. Joe Recommends: that you take 1 capsule at breakfast and 1 capsule at lunch. 24/7 Carb Burner AM can be taken with or without food.



  • Source of Antioxidants
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Helps support cardiovascular health
  • Reduces starches from being broken down and entering the body which means less fat
  • Helps reduce inflammation and supports healthy sleep levels
  • Promotes melatonin, which aids in getting a full nights rest

Dr. Joe Recommends: that you take 2 capsules after dinner, but no later than 3 hours before you go to bed. 24/7 Carb Burner PM can be taken with or without food.

  • Scientific research based upon 15 years Nobel nominated research
  • Advanced Disruptive Technology
  • 2x new proprietary formulas practically impossible to copy



The benefits of the ingredients are optimized in several different ways.

1. Powerful, strong formulations, optimized for weight management

2. Split night and day capsules for optimized action

Support healthy weight loss in conjunction with other products such as PrevailMAX and SlimRoast Optimum Coffee.


15 years of research has led the scientists behind this formula to a far deeper understanding of how specific extracts of fruits and vegetables interact with each other to create far more powerful combination formulas.

Using this experience has led to a combination of ingredients that, by themselves would be far less effective if used in isolation. Together they battle the effects of carbohydrates on the body on many fronts, whilst burning fat at the same time.

  • Creates exciting & receptive promotions
  • Intelligent market penetration
  • Synergistic with current Valentus products
  • Targeted to support a healthy metabolism

Dr. Ahrens previously served as Executive Director of Agriculture Enterprise Development and Technology for Alico, Inc., one of the world’s largest ranching/farming operations whereby he conceived and developed business opportunities including key strategy toward integrated operations and vertical integration of business units. Prior to Alico, Dr. Ahrens was Director of Research for the Florida Department of Citrus and Sr. Director of Engineering and Technical Services for Green Giant Fresh. Ahrens was a founding partner of Freshconsult Ges.mbH of Salzburg Austria, which became a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell in 1997. During this period, Ahrens managed over 40 agribusiness projects in over 32 countries. Clients included most major agribusiness vendors and their subsidiaries and suppliers such as Chiquita, Del Monte, Dole, Marks and Spencer, and Safeway. Projects included plantation and shipping port development; harvesting/handling, processing and distribution, and export market development. Previous to this assignment, Dr. Ahrens served on the faculty of the University of California at Davis, specializing in transport, distribution, and marketing systems of agricultural goods. Ahrens received his BS from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and an MS and PhD from the University of Florida, receiving the UF president’s outstanding

scholar and Savant award. He has authored or served as the editor of numerous scientific and technical papers and book chapters, and holds several international patents in biology. Ahrens was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, based on his work on viruses and metabolic diseases.

To read a transcript of an Interview held with Dr. Ahrens Click Here.

Similar products on the market, you’d take them and it stays in your system for 24 hours even though your body does not operate the same during the day than it does during the evening. This is the reason why we have formulated 24/7 AM/PM. During the day time 24/7 Carb Burner AM will burn help burn carbs and keep you alert while supporting a healthy appetite suppressing your appetite, During the evening 24/7 PM Carb Burner will burn carbs as well, but will also help promote sleep..

A majority of weight management products are stimulants which will cause your metabolism to run high and in turn affect your sleep, and getting a good nights sleep in key to weight management. 24/7 Carb Burner AM/PM is disruptive in that it is 2 distinctly different formulas that maximize your weight management whether it is day or night, without causing you to lose any sleep. 24/7 Carb Burner PM will help aid you in having a restful sleep while 24/7 Carb Burner AM will keep you alert during the day, and both will be burning carbs all day long.

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©2019 Valentus Inc. All rights reserved *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Prevail Trim


Prevail Trim

It’s no secret that losing weight is not an easy task. That’s why millions of people struggle with it every day.

We want to make it a little easier, that’s why we created Prevail Trim™! Formulated with natural appetite suppressants and ingredients to help detoxify your body, Prevail Trim™ is a great addition to any weight management program.

And as if helping to manage weight in a healthy way were not exciting enough, just wait until you taste this delicious drink! You will LOVE it!

  • Proprietary Formula
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Lasts for hours

    Inulin dietary fiber, Rice bran powder, Xylitol, Citric acid, Stevia (leaf), Natural pineapple powder, Natural orange powder, Natural lime powder, Natural caffeine from coffee bean, Garcinia cambogia (with HCA), Raspberry ketones, Maqui berry powder, Annatto powder, chromium

    Prevail Trim™ – Ingredients

    Simply open packet and mix contents with 12-16oz. of water. For maximum weight management results, drink one Trim 3 times per day.

    DirectionsPrevail Trim Nutritional Facts

    Click Here for Glossary of ingredients

Order product here: https://www.MyValentus.com/mmorlock

Exciting Products

With so many energy products on the market today packed with sugar and saturated with artificial ingredients, Prevail Energy is a breath of fresh air, or should we say a breath of fresh ingredients!

Specially formulated with pure natural ingredients, Prevail Energy is designed to give you a healthy boost of energy, without the harmful artificial stimulants.

A healthy way to get an energy boost. Prevail Energy is great for athletes, drivers, students and afternoon slumps.

Try it for yourself and see why people from all over the world are making Prevail Energy their go to source for healthy energy, increased focus, and maximum performance!

  • Works in minutes
  • Boosts energy
  • Lasts for hours

Prevail Energy

Valentus is a fantastic new product with extremely great reviews, start losing weight today.

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If you have tried to diet before, I think you can look back on why the diets did not work, and the reason is that you went back to you old habits. We are creatures of habit, and those habits are hard to break. Replace your coffee with Valentus, it’s available in many forms. Its even easy to travel with. I suggest you give it 90 days and you will be super amazed.

Please leave any comments in the comment section, I will respond. Thanks for visiting web shopping made easy!

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