Protein Energy Bars

Welcome to a little chat about what is emerging as possibly end up being a staple in most peoples diet, Energy Bars. Energy bars hit the market years ago mainly in health stores. People would go to the Health Store years ago, to buy food and supplies, to fill the order their Doctor’s order. Now, Energy Bars are everywhere, customers’ can buy them at any grocery store, gas station, sporting event, Airport. I mean, there are at the forefront of retailing. Energy Bars have cut into the Fast Food Industry. In 2019, there is a fantastic selection that work well with many diet plans. This blog I want to talk about Protein Energy Bars.

Protein Energy Bars

In the current food Market it is difficult to get all the daily requirements that our average body needs. Diabetics are always looking for food that is low in sugar content. What Diabetics need is a balanced diet, but is high in protein. Well, the Food Supply Companies have stepped right up and delivered. There is a wide selection of Energy Bars that are high in protein, and now they are identified as such. People that are athletes, and just work out often customers’ most likely will need to add more protein to your diet as well. I recommend a Protein Energy Bar approximately 15 minutes before customers’ work out, and a Protein Energy Bar after customers’ are done working out and have cooled off.

Counting Calories?

I recommend going to a diet website or get an App on customers’ phone that customers’ can determine what customers’ caloric intake should be. Take a little time and set up a diet plan that will stay within those boundaries. There are several good calorie counter Apps and Website to help customers’ establish boundaries, as well as tools to help customers’ monitor customers’ activity and results. Studies show much better results when people are engaged in counting calories.

Variety Abounds

There is a plethora of Energy Bars available in a wide variety of places for you to pick and choose from. You can have a different flavor every day if you want. If you are allergic to peanuts or like peanuts there are many options available as well. If you are allergic to chocolate or love chocolate you also have a vast amount of options as well.

Big Business & Energy Bars

This is a Niche in the Market that is being filled by HUGE Companies and they are doing a great job. All the major Nutrition Diet Plan Companies have a comprehensive selection of Protein Energy Bars.  Here is a link to great bar, is is named Kind. Kind has Kind Barnut and fruit varieties available, CLICK  HERE to shop for different flavors of Kind Bars. https://amzn.to/2Ys7BL4

In an effort to manage intake of calories, Energy Bars that are high in protein are a great addition to add to customers’ regular food. Use these bars to replace any desire for high sugar items. Replace a candy bar, a bag of chips, or any regular snack food item that is high in sugar with a low sugar, high protein bar. The added protein combined with the lower sugar content will help customers’ body avoid sugar spikes in between meals. You can keep eating fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in between meals as well.

Athletes and Body Builders

Research shows that energy bars high in carbs and fat will limit customers’ ability to increase customers’ muscle mass. By adding an energy bar high in protein 15 minutes before and after customers’ work out customers’ will increase calorie burning. Protein in the energy bars will be able to turn into more energy, as well as preserving customers’ lean muscle, by increasing customers’ calorie burning. Currently you are able to have energy bars that are high in protein just be sure to continue a regular diet of healthy foods.

Are You Diabetic?

Welcome to customers’ new treat! There are many, many options available for customers’ to add to customers’ diet, in the world of protein bars. You can shop online and customers’ will find a large variety of options, or visit customers’ local health food store, pharmacy, or grocery store to see what’s available locally. Currently you are need to source Protein bars, not just energy bars. Currently you are find most energy bars are high in sugar or fructose. Some examples of brands to source would be — ” ONE ” This chocolate chip cookie dough has 20 grams protein and 1 gram sugar, with 220 calories. Perfect for a diabetic diet.  Click here to shop for different flavors of”OneBars”— https://amzn.to/2YzdrdJONE Bar

Another good one is “Robert Irvines Fit Crunch” which has 16 grams protein and 3 grams sugar. The Fit Crunch has 190 calories with 5 carbs and is chocolate peanut butter flavor. This bar is a great bar for a diabetic diet before you exercise, have a big day planned or mow the yard. The “Fit Crunch” bar has low carbs, low sugar and is packed with protein!                                                                    Click here to shop for “Fit Crunch” bars—https://amzn.to/2HXNOxn

Fit Crunch Bar


One of the newer protein bars brands on the market is a brand call “Think”. They have a variety to choose from already, and I more to follow. One good choice for a diabetic is “think Kids” bar. This bar is packed with flavor and is only 1 ounce, has 7 gram protein 4gram sugar with only 100 calories. This is an excellent choice to carry with customers’ at all times, along with customers’ glucose tablets. These bars are targeted for Kids, but are a great size for diabetics to use as a substitute for a candy bar, or when customers’ blood sugar is low. Think Kids bars are available in several flavors. Shop for “Think Kids” bars here—https://amzn.to/2HNPbzx

Think Kids



Check back in for my next project which will also be filled with information designed to put light on eating and living healthy. Take your time planning, time blocking, and implementing a different way to provide nutrition for healthy living. I suggest be patient with this new style of eating. It may take 3 weeks to a month to start to see results.

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